Level 10 club

I’m level 10

The levels are not published but it happens at 18000 points.

Anyone else? First?


Congrats, possibly the first looking at your posting stats, still 1800 to go on mine then…


Yep level 10 here.


I’m still at level 9, I hope soon I get to level 10


Congrats, @nigelhealy!

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Still on Level 5, myself.

Congrats, @nigelhealy! Stuck on level 7! Yeesh. I guess I should post more, or ask more questions to get on your level.

Congrats, I will celebrate you tonight! Cheers!


wow im only on 5 :frowning:

Still on 8

This might be a dumb question but may I ask what is the benefits of leveling up or maybe the purpose of Us leveling up

It shows that you’re active in the community forum, and it may give you a better chance at becoming a moderator…

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Still a ways to go lol. When the raffles section launches it means we’ll have more anker bucks to spend (i.e. greater chances to win). Pays to play

As far as I can tell no benefits.

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Level 6 here!

I would say your half right, as for the true benefits of levels only time will tell…

Congrats @nigelhealy This post should get you well on your way to 11. You have worked as hard or harder than anyone on this form. Any plans to celebrate your celebrity status?

I am at 9300 points and level 8. jump from 8-9 seems to take me several months but to go from 9-10 may take me a year.

The opportunity is if the community gets a diverse bigger core of frequent participants and then we can influence Anker products to what we want.

For example, I keep going on about density, and more USB-C PD, because Anker is too biased to QC.

You must feel invincible. I am at level 7 and you always bring the technical views which means look out level 11

Hint: it will only get harder to level up :slight_smile:

Time can prove your efforts will not end in vain.:sunglasses:

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