Let's Talk Anker Cables (Input Requested)

I’ve used some Anker’s cables in the past. Some worked great while others not as well as I hoped (looking at you the micro-usb nylon braided cable lol).

What has been YOUR experiences with using Anker cables?

–> Please comment only if you have direct experience using the Anker cables for some amount of time.

I personally have had wonderful experiences with the cables that I’ve purchased from Anker, they are some of the most well put together and strong cords that I’ve come to own and also since they are so nicely put together they also charge devices very fast. I have had only one issue and that is that my micro USB adapter end recently bent, making it much less snug in my phone rather than what it once was, but besides that I am very appreciative of the cords I’ve owned thus far.

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I’ve had issues with multiple of mine (poweline editions) becoming loose over time or sometimes over night. I usually find that the end is tilted off center when this happens. Anker is always great about replacing them under warranty though. These certainly do not experience the same ripping and wear that other brands do.

One thing they don’t handle well is teenager’s losing them. :slight_smile:

One thing they don’t handle well is teenager’s losing them. :slight_smile:

Now if Anker were able to find a solution to that… We can always dream, right?

Most of the cable i bought works great, and even the one is not working, the customer services is so kind to send me a replacement.

They are generally great but have had some issues.

I, personally, have actually never, ever purchased any cables from Anker, besides six.

Power line vs regular Anker cables: is it usually worth spending more money for the power line series?

Dear Murray,


We understand that you’re having problems with our Micro USB adapter.

Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this purchase caused to you. Although we work hard to ensure high quality standards through multiple quality checks, we regrettably still come across defective products occasionally.

Would you please email us at support@anker.com with your Amazon order # and the review? We will take responsibility for exchange or refund per your preference.

Hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

AnkerDirect Customer Support
Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm(pst)


We are so sorry to hear that your cable was lost. Please kindly understand that we only provide 18-month warranty for our products which have quality issues.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!:slight_smile:

I am a business traveler and Anker cables tolerate all the twists and turns I put them through on a weekly basis. I have several of the 6 ft cables that are especially handy for keeping my iPhone charged while working. In the past, they came in a folding case that I thought was awesome, but found to be too bulky for traveling. My new one came with a small simple Velcro strip that I love! It is much more useful for packing. Hmmm, Anker, could you send me a couple of them? Anyway, I will never buy another brand!

I have never had an Anker cable fail, and that is after other makes failed. Cables have been biggest cause of problems with gadgets, but not with Anker.

Find a good make, stick to it!

The only cable I have right now is an Anker lightning cable. All of my apple cables are bad and not reliable.

Every cable I have purchased from Anker or received with another device over last 3 years has functioned flawlessly. The cables charged my devices at the full 2 amps with the exception of the short cable that came with Soundcore nano. I am really impressed with the quality of the Anker cables even the standard micro USB as I use them constantly and there still an exceptionally good shape. Data transfer is very reliable and high speed they also clip into place snuggly. I am going to be transitioning all my devices to USB type-c from the reviews that I’ve read you are the only reliable type-c cable manufacturer. Anker should make cables with tiny pinhole leds to indicate charging or not charging. That would remind me to unplug my device.