Let's talk a little bit about other things

Beside our usual technical stuff, we should never forget to talk about other things. :slight_smile:

So I might ask you:
What are the movies you like most?

I tell you mine:
“Das Boot” (Wolfgang Petersen) , old stuff, I know :grin: ca 1981.
and all movies from Stanley Kubrick.


Lubricants done some good films, but also a couple not so edge of chair films.

I will always love 2 films, but never watch them again… Blazing saddles and blues brothers.
I don’t want to bore of them, or see them with today’s eyes. If I do, I will critise them and not enjoy, as I once did. … A sort of NEVER MEET YOUR HERO, type mojo. lol :crazy_face::exploding_head:

My main genre of film, is action. Whether it’s modern films or 80s classic, taxi driver; Leon; Ronin.

Will always love “Kung Fu” films. They were my main escape as a kid.

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Stanley Kubrick was a genius and I thoroughly enjoy all of his films. I frequently watch Full Metal Jacket just watched 2001 A Space Odyssey a few weeks ago and I recently discovered all the controversy surrounding Eyes Wide Shut the missing 25 minutes and Stanley Kubrick’s suspicious death interesting stuff.

I just now realized after doing a Google search that Paths of Glory was a Kubrick film as well.

but I have to say my all-time favorite movie is A Bronx Tale
With Robert De Niro and Chazz Palminteri


I would have to say I’m a big Marvel fan so would happily rewatch any of them.

But with a wide spread of genres from which I like, the first few films that came to my mind were -
Top Gun
Naked Gun films
Liar Liar
Home Alone
The Goonies
Die hard
Back to the future

The list would however go on and on and on, so il stick to those few


Two words; Iron Giant.


I’ve never seen it before but I always heard it was good it’s on Netflix right now I just started it


I like all manner of nerdy movies. Super heroes, Sci-fi, etc. my favorite recently is Ready Player One!

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Do you know Clockwork Orange as well?
It was a unbelievable to create such a film in 1972.
I remember it was forbidden to shwo in the UK in those times.
Really a weird story with classical music. :grin:

Blues Brothers! I forgot to mention this one! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Y’all gonna make fun of me but I like the movies called Cry Baby, and A Walk To Remember

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Nothing like a good movie on an evening or rare lazy weekend :wink: Pretty much like most genre’s but there are several films I can keep watching to the cows come home :laughing:

Salem’s Lot 1979 (David Soul vampire flick)
Schindler’s List
The Shining (here’s Johnny :laughing:)
The Hitcher (80’s one with Rutger Hauer)
Blade Runner (Director’s Cut)


This is a hard one I have lot of movies that are my favorites.

  1. Deadpool
  2. Goonies
  3. Super Troopers
  4. Grandma’s Boy
  5. Beer fest
  6. Fast Furious Franchise - Not my favorite but I enjoy watching the shows whenever they come on
  7. The Kingsmen
  8. The Hitman’s Body Guard

Oh yes, Deadpool n Kingsmen, very good films. Recently bought second Kingsmen .

I forgot to add, I love bond movies. Ever since being a kid in the 70s and going through what I was going through, the escapism of, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, was fantastic. I fell in love with bind films that moment… Yes I know totally unrealistic, but something’s about it, that you lose track of time.

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Didn’t wanna point farm and create a new post just for the extra points :joy:

Anyone looking forward to Marvels Endgame?

Looking forward to Dr strange tonight (ITV hd 8:30 UK).

Not seen it before, and when it came out, we said we’d like to see it… Now we won’t have to pay for it! lol

I’m looking above at my previous post, and for the life of me, cannot workout what the hell I meant by… Lubricants ??? WTH

It’s a really good film.

Have you seen infinity war?

Were you meaning to say Kubrick’s done some good films?

All films from Kubrick are epochal.

I really have no idea, esp looking back now.

It’s possible, esp looking at the keyboard whilst typing Kubrick.