Let this be a lesson to all

Despite my best efforts as a father and an Anker ambassador (as such) my children defy my words of wisdom and buy pretty things (because they have Birthday money and can’t help themselves)

This cable is 2 weeks old and bought from Claire’s Accessories in Cardiff


Because that wont ever catch fire will it? I’ve given up trying to teach family members NOT to buy rubbish like this.


Surprised it made it a whole 2 weeks :grin:


Is that a magnetic cable? I have one for micro usb and still have it but it is a fire Hazzard because of how hot and dangerous it gets

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I wish I could say I’m not guilty of this, but when I see those cool LED light-up charging cables on sale at BestBuy…

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Gutting really. It was £10 :confused:

Can still be used as. Micro USB though

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No mate. It’s a Micro USB with a Lightning adapter on the end so can be used for both types. Well not anymore lol

This was my life before learning about Anker. It’s a wild wild world out there for us in need of cables. We can either look for affordable quality and discover there are oh so few options; or we can just fall prey of pretty fragile useless stuff.

I mean, if one buys a cable at Claire’s, one should expect such things to happen.

A pal once bought one of those cube plugs and a car USB adapter at a drugstore - you know the ones right next to the cashier, which come in flashy colours and kind of look like the ones which come with iPhones but are made off the cheapest plastic? They cost about 10 bucks both. I warned him. I’ll just say that the car USB adapter is now part of my pal’s car permanently, as it welded itself into the hole. Without working. The wall plug, luckily, got lost somewhere in his apartment before it could cause a fire. Needless to say, it was easy to convert this pal to Anker.

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feel your pain…always question told my kids and they still do what they want at times. at least it’s lesson learn for them hopefully heh

How did my mother say: “We don’t have money enough to buy cheap!” :wink:


Yep, been there…done that. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t even bother buying cables from mall kiosks or gas stations anymore. It’s Anker cables all the way for this gal now. :wink:

Expensive hot-melt adhesive! :grin:

I have my brother convinced to go with Anker from now on, but there are still a few friends who don’t get it. Sorry it broke so quickly!

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Same here!

Shocking. Isn’t it?

I always recommend the same thing. I buy my parents, in-laws, brother and friends Anker products and they go out by cheap junk or pretty things.

My mom for Christmas got my some no name precharged power bank for Christmas. I tossed it in my car in the emergency gear. Every once in a while I forget to charge up my good banks or forget them at work/home.

Hopefully this was a learning experience for your family.

You weren’t trying to stress test an Anker cable there, were you :grimacing: :grin:

Sometimes you get what you pay for. You be cheap, you get cheap

Is this why Claire’s just declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy today - because of this cheap broken cable??? :blush:. Obviously, Anker has nothing to worry about here.


Guess this was the connector that broke the camel’s back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: