Lens dust normal?

Hi. I’m totally new to projectors and have just bought a Cosmos Max. The picture is stunning but I have noticed some dust on the inner lens behind the front glass panel. Obviously when the lamp is on it will show up every spec of dust but I would have thought a brand new device would have spotless lenses and be manufactured in a dust free environment. Is this normal? I just want to check as there’s no way to clean the concealed lens. As I say the picture isn’t affected so I’m probably worried about nothing but any comments would be appreciated in case I should as for an exchange. Photo attached. Thanks!

If it doesn’t affect the quality of the videos I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’d make sure it’s really sealed and if it is, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about :+1:

Dust inside of the lens if fairly common for many devices, even phone cameras. It typically won’t affect image quality, but as @ikari04warrior noted, if it starts to become a problem, feel free to reach out to support@seenebula.com

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