Length of Shipping

Hi, I am about to purchase a anker portable charger and I was wondering how long it took to ship the product. I am only asking because I am going oversees on the 18th of December and was wondering if it would be here before then.


Depends if your ordering from Amazon or anker directly. If from Amazon it would all depend on your shipping method chosen

From my experience, when ordering from Amazon, it usually takes 3 to 4 days to be in my mailbox (France).

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I would say that you have nothing to worry about if you order it ASAP. If however you leave it another week or so you may find yourself getting to that squeaky bum time lol

That phrase will be lost on most :joy::joy: let the abuse roll in :slight_smile:

As mentioned by @elmo41683 and @Antoine_Turpin a few factors come into play, such as whether your ordering direct from Anker (if in the states), via Amazon (US,UK,DE,IT etc) or via the store on Ali Express. Ordering via Amazon is often the fastest method as stock is already present at one or more local warehouses, so depending on your chosen shipping option, delivery can be as quick as next day (free if a Prime customer :smile:) .


Buy from Amazon. Has fastest free shipping