Left speaker not working?

I just bought my Anker Soundcore 2, and immediately after starting it noticed that most of the sound comes from the right speaker. Maybe just some bass. Is it supposed to be solely bass support or this is an actual problem? I am stationed in Italy and I got it from Amazon.
Played some testing sound and it was silent during the mono samples played for left.

I’d just get it returned, Anker have some amazing customer support so you’ll be able to get it exchanged no problem.

It does sound as though it’s faulty from what you describe.


Seconding what @AndyBell has said, it does sound like a faulty speaker if audio is only coming form the right. As you’ve just bought I would return via Amazon for replacement or refund. Should you have issues via Amazon (unlikely) you can also report to support@anker.com your issue and troubleshooting steps taken.

Rest assured their customer support is in my experience second to none :slight_smile:

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As the others mentioned its mostly like a bad unit. Maybe the connections were seated incorrectly or its a bad speaker either way this can happen with any product. There’s one or two bad units in a production run (I worked in manufacturing and saw it with our products).

Just contact support and they can help you out.