Left headphone not working

Just turn off Bluetooth on cell phone, (BOTH RIGHT & LEFT headphones next TO EACHOTHER OUT OF CASE) tap right side headphone 4 times for about 1 second each, then tap left side 4 times until red light flashes ON LEFT (LONG hold per tap), put both back in CASE & then put both in both ears, turn Bluetooth back on, then media on and repeat carefully if it doesn’t work, took me 2 tries :slight_smile: if not you better saved that receipt! But have someone who can actually read directions carefully to save $80. Repeatedly try no Bluetooth 4 hold taps out of case next to each other and put back in case then try media.

What model is this??

I think I know what you issue is. I believe you have the Soudncore liberty air? (Based on the pricing). There are two versions of liberty air. They released an upgraded version not long after the original was released, the original version is reset using that method. The newer version (the one you have) is reset using a different methods

Step 1. Delete “SoundCore Liberty Air” from your device’s Bluetooth list, and turn off the Bluetooth on your device;
Step 2. Place one earbud in the charging case and make sure it’s charging (The LED indicator will be solid white)
Step 3. Tap and hold the multifunction touchpad of the earbud (currently in the charging case)for 7 seconds until the LED indicator flashed 3 times. This clears the paring information.
Step 4. Put the other earbud in the charging case and repeat Step 3.
Step 5. After the pairing information is cleared, take both earbuds out of the charging case and place them next to each other.

Let me know if this works!

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