Left earbud turns ON when put in the case

So, i have this weird problem with the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air.
The left earbud suddenly stopped working. My assumption was that the earbud was totaly empty (beacause is was not loading in the case because of dirty contact points) en i put both buds back in the case and left them for an hour.

The ligth on the bud was on when it was in the case, so i thought it was charging (the led on the right was off).

After a couple of hours i took both buds out of the case and started to play music. The right bud is fine, but the left bud was dead. After some time i noticed that the earbud apeard to be ON when IN the case. Ik can hear music fromm the left bud when the right bud is out of the case en the left is still in. It even keeps on playing when the case is closed

the bud does not react to the touchpad, either in or out of the case. So i have no way of turning the buds on or off when in or out of the case.

Anyone any ideas what to do?

You need to reset them. There are two methods, I would recommend trying both. You can try this one first.

You can also try the following reset method-

Step 1. Delete “SoundCore Liberty Air” from your device’s Bluetooth list, and turn off the Bluetooth on your device;

Step 2. Place one earbud in the charging case and make sure it’s charging (The LED indicator will be solid white)

Step 3. Tap and hold the multifunction touchpad of the earbud (currently in the charging case)for 7 seconds until the LED indicator flashed 3 times. This clears the paring information.

Step 4. Put the other earbud in the charging case and repeat Step 3.

Step 5. After the pairing information is cleared, take both earbuds out of the charging case and place them next to each other.(If the pairing is successful the LED indicator on the left earbud will start flashing slowly and the LED indicator on the right earbud will flash rapidly.)

Step 6. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and search for “SoundCore Liberty Air” to connect.

Hope this helps!

First, thnx for the reply

This worked for the right bud
But as stated, the left bud doesnt respond to the touchpad when in the case (and turned on and charging).
Yesterday I drained the battery on both and the case. After everything was empty, today I start loading them again. I hoped this would reset the on/off But unfortanatly.

Still the left bud turns on when in the case (and charging, and not responding to the touchpad), and turns off when taken out of the case (Still not responding to the touchpad)

Im not abled to turned this around

Your best bet is to contact soundcore directly at support@soundcore.com

Very similar to what happen to me. So have you found the solution? I just have it for two days BTW.