Left earbud doesn't charge

Hi there,

From the beggining my left earbud (soundcore iberty air) doesn’t start to charge when I put into charger. I’ve got to take it out and put it into it several times until it starts to charge.

Is this a normal behavior?

Thanks for your help in advance.

It isn’t normal behaviour but do you know if the charging contacts in your case and on the left bud are clean? That might be causing an issue, otherwise contact Anker support (service@soundcore.com) to troubleshoot. Good luck!

@inthemdl is correct. Try cleaning them first, and then contact service@soundcore.com

You can watch a video on how to clean them here.

Good luck!

This definately is not normal. You should let support know asap to get a replacement

Hate to ask, but did you make sure to remove the plastic film that covers the contacts? Sometimes the glue residue gets left behind and can cause charging issues, so giving the contacts a good cleaning to help rem oil very the residue is required

Lol. It’s in the quick start guide video after all :joy:

You would be surprised how many people overlook the simple things in their rush to use a product

good point. I remember seeing plastic cover over both my liberty airs

You could try to reset the liberty air and see if it can help.

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I had that issue and I solved it by cleaning all the points of contact.

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Try to keep your cases clean