Left earbud battery high alarm

My left earbud repeats battery high and does not play. I have tried unpairing, repairing, holding case button for 10 seconds. It seems Left earbud is not working. When I connect to app it shows only R earbud. Please help

How long ago did you get it? And has it always been like this??

Bought them about 3 weeks ago-they both worked until a few days ago. Probably used them 8-10 times.

Im not sure if this works on all earbuds @vanna but the reset option on some is holding to volume + and - button for about 5 seconds.
If that doesn’t work speak to the retailer and get an exchange.
Let us know how things progress.

If you should probably get in contact with support or at least take it back where you got it from and get another pair

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