LED vs. CFL vs. Incandescent

What type of light bulb do you use, and why?

In my personal room, I have a floor lamp with 3 LIFX Color 1000 LED bulbs, and my ceiling fan has 2 generic soft white LED bulbs. My room is exclusively LED. The rest of the house is a mix of CFL (from the previous owner) and Incandescent.

I prefer LED, then Incandescent. I don’t like CFL, I don’t think they last as long as they claim, and I don’t like that they have mercury.

What’s your favorite type of light bulb?

I switched out all of my incandescent bulbs to CFL’s when they became popular. Now as they burn out I am going to LED’s. I was not impressed with CFL’s and the life expectancies that were stated.

I love LED bulbs. I’m slowly replacing any other bulbs with LED equivalents as the existing ones die.

My house is now fully LED and CFL. I have not used incandescent bulbs for years. Some shops in the UK are no longer even selling incandescent bulbs. In other shops high wattage incandescent bulbs have also stated to be phased out.

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I am slowly replacing our bulbs with LED. So far all of the high use rooms are fully LED. As the others die I will replace those too.

I have been using LED’s for a while. Some are flickering now and some have died. Their life and longevity seems to be as falsely advertised and CFL’s.

Really? A few questions.

  1. What brand
  2. How long have you had them
  3. How many hours per day (on average) do you use them?

I’ve had some LED bulbs for about a year now, and they’re still going perfectly.

Weird. I’ve not yet had a single LED bulb die. My oldest is only a couple of years but still.

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Big savings on just switching from CFL to LED lighting, let alone from incandesent.

One in particular I know off the top of my head was a dimmable Cree - had it about a year and it would run in a 10 light fixture for about 5 hours a day.

Honestly, might be because it’s Cree. They have so/so reviews. Might wanna try Philips or TCP, I’ve had good luck with both of those brands so far.

Daylight balanced CFL bulbs and replacing/switching over to LEDs.

I don’t like the natural look of cool white bulbs any longer and 5K bulbs aren’t any more expensive and last equally as long. Colors are true under these lights and it just feels right.

I jumped on board with CFL as the spiral bulbs started showing up, now I’m on board with LEDs, most of my high use lighting areas are LED now. The initial cost is not that low yet so if you have CFLs lying around just burn them out before you go LED, since LED doesn’t have that much lower consumption, in fact in some cases no difference in consumption. Only greater life and no delay in turn on.