LED indicator lights


I apologize if this has been asked before, but I figured I’d try anyway.

I purchased an Anker PowerCore 20000 with Quickcharge power bank. It works very similar to other power banks I’ve used in the past. I was just confused because I was charging two things at the same time and I noticed that all four of the LED lights were blinking in unison while I was charging my devices. The manual seems to only state what the LEDs mean with respect to battery level or charging the power bank itself, but this was not the case. The only thing I noticed was that my iPhone (which was one of the devices I was charging) was at 100% when this started. Could it be because the power bank is warning me that a device is at 100%?

Thanks in advance

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I don’t think power back blinks when a connected device is 100% charged.
Did you check whether it has enough juice to charge your devices? Probably it was warning you that you need to plug the power bank to charge it.

Yes I am sure. After this happened, I was able to charge several more devices over the course of a week with the charger before I needed to plug it in. I havent been able to replicate the problem since. For the record, this was after using the charger right out of the box (it had all four lights illuminated)

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I have never heard of blinking led’s to be honest. Hope you will never see it again.
Thanks for confirming :slightly_smiling_face: