LC90 - trouble switching between modes normal?

Hi guys, new to the forums hope I don’t do anything I’m not supposed to here :slight_smile:

I was wondering if this type of problem is normal with the " Anker super bright tactical flashlight (battery included) usb rechargeable model, model LC90, Product Number T1420 (it also says " SM-A422-V01 on the instructions).

The flashlight is supposed to be able to switch between modes (high, medium, low, strobe, SOS ) by completely turning the flashlight off and on again within two seconds.

It is very difficult for me to get it to switch modes… I accidentally switched it to “Strobe mode” and it took literally twenty minutes of turning the flashlight on and off again before I could finally get it back into “high” mode.

I was going to return the flashlight to amazon and ask for a replacement but thought I would ask you first - is this normal behavior for the flashlight and/or a problem it’s been known to have? If so a replacement wouldn’t do me much good and I’d have to decide whether or not I need to return it for a complete refund.

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and replies ! :slight_smile:


Hi @Andre_S and welcome to the community.

You should be able to cycle between modes by lightly pressing the power button while the torch is powered on, rather than powering fully powering off/on. Long pressing the power button on whichever mode you are in will keep the torch at that particular mode for when you next power it on.


Try as @ndalby suggests and if that doesn’t work either contact support or return it if you are still in the return window.

And Welcome to the boards.