LC90 Flashlight Solid Beam

How do you get the LC090 to remain as a solid beam? No what I try, it will continues to rotate between the SOS and strobe modes. Quite Frustrating. Help

There should be a button at the end of the flashlight you can press to change the modes

You can change the modi by pressing the button at the end of the torch.
(Same as ON/OFF)

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Great torch, I had one myself and reviewed it here along with instruction on how to change the modes.

You need to give the on/off button quick repeated half presses to go though the modes, or quick repeated full presses if you canโ€™t get the hang of half presses.

Hopefully see you around the community from time to time. Itโ€™s a great source of information along with some long standing very knowledgable members always happy to offer their knowledge and opinions. There are also some awesome giveaways and testing programs :+1:t2: