LC90 Flashlight Mode Issues

Hey guys - My three year old son got a hold of my LC90 flashlight today and now I can’t switch out of SOS or Strobe modes. No matter how many times I do the double click, it just cycles between the two very specific use modes (strobe/SOS). Is there any way to reset the internal memory? I really hope so, otherwise this thing has just become a paperweight. Hoping the community knows something I don’t.



May I tell you something.
YOU SHOULD NEVER leave those strong flashlights at places where kids can take and use these. :rage:

Thank you for the parenting advice. Very helpful.

@keith.lee.01 Have you tried draining the battery, which in essence should act as a reset?

Also as mentioned by @Chiquinho the LC90 is a very powerful flashlight so keeping out of reach of children is a very good idea.


I could add a photo here.
But there is no space to do any joking . :frowning_face:

Probably for the better. :v:

@ndalby looks like this issue was solved by charging the flashlight to full. I am now able to cycle between all modes. Thank you for the battery drain suggestion. Have a good day.


When the battery is low it only lets the SOS work, they consume less power and work longest and last.

When you charged it, it wasn’t then nearly flat.

If you leave on it will flash a couple of times then turn off then will only let SoS work til it’s properly flat or recharge.