LC90 battery - backup

Am interested in an additional battery for the LC90 - anyone know the specs for that - and or which Anker power bank will charge it? Thanks

18650 batteries. There are plenty of good and cheap chargers for it, but if you want USB charging, one charger to get is . Keep in mind that the LC90 has a built-in micro USB charger. Any USB power bank can charge it since it uses a micro USB port. The Batmax is good for charging more than the one inside the L90.


@iroast reply yes in the case of the LC90 you don’t need a charger you can use the LC90’s built-in charger capability.

If you do want an external charger then these are ones I have and work well:

Dual to charge 2 batteries concurrently

Anker uses a protected good quality 18650, consider getting also a protected good quality 18650.


You should explain what a protected 18650 is in case @marshman doesn’t already know.

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From a competitor but it answers.

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18650 are high powered cells that can be explosive. Protected cells have a small, thin circuit that prevent overcharge/discharge/shorts/etc. This will make the cells more expensive than unprotected ones: $8 vs $14 (roughly).

Thanks all!