LC90 able to use AAA adapter?

Has anyone tried using 3-AAA battery adapter in the LC90?

I really like the extra power and focusability(?) of the LC90, but would like the option of using AAA batteries if needed.

I saw these on Amazon, but don’t know the specs, nor the internal battery compartment diameter of the LC90.

In the Q&A, some people have said that as long as the flashlight requires a sleeve over the 18650 battery, this will fit, diameter-wise. But there’s no mention of length.

Just wondering if anybody has any experience they would be willing to share?


No experience with this particular model but as 18650 batteries are a standard size of 18mm x 65mm, I would think any 18650 AAA adapter would meet the same size specs for use with the LC90.

Thanks ndalby.

I take it the LC90 does not require a sleeve on the 18650 battery to prevent it from rattling?

From the pictures and reviews I’ve seen on the LC90, it looks like the battery does not use a sleeve. I believe @nigelhealy has the LC90, perhaps he can confirm?

I’ve got three different 3x AAA adapters from my 18650 torch collection, but none quite fit the LC90 - overall adapter diameter is too big! The LC90 is a snug fit for the 18650…so I doubt any adapter will fit. But happy to be proven wrong!

All my other 18650 torches have a slightly bigger internal barrel diameter, allowing for 18650 or adapter.

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I do not know about the adapter but I just wanted to pint out that the use of triple A batteries would diminish the amount of light being outputted as well as how long it can sustain a set amount of light. Imo it’s not worth it given what I would use the light for

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Thanks, Blotch!

Much appreciated.

I’ll probably invest in an extra 18650.

Agreed, elmo41683.

But in a pinch, if my battery is dead and I’m in need of a flashlight NOW, AAA’s would at least get me through the recharge cycle.

Agree with that, I always prefer to use 18650 - the AAA option is backup only (except for LC90!).

You said you have a few adapters, just curious do any of them fit without the need for a sleeve?

None of my adapters fit the LC90 with or without sleeve - LC90 is just too small diameter, designed for 18650 use only. The internal diameter of the LC90 is approx 19mm - most adapters are 21mm plus.

The LC40 has larger internal diameter of approx. 23.5mm - so my adapters do fit and work (although I mainly use 18650).

Correct the LC90 has no sleeve and only uses the supplied protected 18650 battery. The casing is thicker than the LC40 which has either a rattly loose 18650 or the sleeve with AAA.

The newer LC40 comes with a non-replaceable 18650 its a sealed unit (or it feels as such its rigid) and the battery was pre-fitted unlike the Lc90 and LC130 which had in the delivered package a separate battery you fit yourself.


Thank you, nigelhealy, for confirming.

I saw the newer LC40 and LC90’s with built-in batteries, and while I haven’t tried them, I’m not really a fan of the concept.

I’d rather be able to replace batteries every few years when they stop holding a charge, than replace all of my flashlights.

The new LC40 cost me $18.52 total shipped. I expect by the time the battery ages and dies then better light-emitting products will be found. Backed by 18 month warranty I know I’ll get at least 18 months if is not my fault its bust (dropped etc).

But I understand your point, for backup / emergency torches, I do exactly the same as a 5 year old torch bust due to a 5 year old battery with a new battery is still useful.