LC40 Rechargeable [Question]

Hi there,

I was wondering if possible to disassemble the LC40 rechargeable in order to replace the battery. For what I know, one can change the LED by unscrewing the top plate.

Any information will be appreciated

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@jatsotserah Hello! The battery for the LC40 rechargeable flashlight is not removable. If you got any issue charging the flashlight, please reach out to our customer support with your order details: Thank you!

If your torch battery is broken and there is no more warranty you could try to open it.
But be careful.

Hey @jatsotserah
I’m sure the torch can be unscrewed.
I carefully tried to unscrew mine but it would open. I didn’t force it as the torch is under warranty and didn’t want to break it :grimacing:

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Its not glued, so It can be opened, I am sure.
But I would do this only if there is a real need.
Same with BRAUN toothbrushes.
Some tricks (youtube) and the battery can be changed.
Works like new.
I made this recently.