LC40 Flashlight use as a solar watch charger

I just bought a Casio Solar watch. It came out of the box with a medium charge. It recommends leaving in the sun for a few hours to boost the charge up to high, but in the UK in winter, you don’t get many sunny days and I also didn’t fancy leaving it outside. So I tried a little experiment and balanced my LC40 LED flashlight pointing down on to the watch face and left it for a total of about 35-40 minutes. After 15 mins it went to high, then dropped back to medium charge after a few minutes. So I gave it a further 20 mins of light and it went back up to high and has remained there.

I was considering buying a CoolFire Solar Watch Charger for £20, but this torch seems to have done the same for no cost (as I had the torch already).

If anyone else has a solar watch charging problem, get an Anker torch.

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Great use of the torch there lol
It’s supposed to be nicer this week so make sure you top your watch up again :smile:

Interesting…but surely such a direct beam of light will cause damage to the internal watch battery over time? Most solar/self charging watches advise not to charge in direct sunlight for such reasons.

I think as a one off to purely boost the initial charge, would prob be ok … I’m not the manufacturer n

Sometimes if I’ve got to be up early, I’ll FLASH a torch on my citizen divers watch, for about 2 seconds using a torch, so the glow markers… GLOW . I’ve had my watch approx 3 years, and is fully charged but the luminous hands need constant light to stay glowing.

Although I have my phone by the bed, I don’t want to burn me eyes turning it on, to time check, but the lil glow from my watch is fine … I say.lil glow, it’s actually quite bright, but not phone bright burning ur eyes! lol

I really want to watch the video for showing how to use torch to charge the solar watch.:joy:

I have both the Bolder LC40 (The rechargeable one, its awesome) and a Casio G-shock GW-9400. This watch is solar powered, and uses a lot of power due to its multiple sensors and Atomic Timekeeping function. I had not thought of using the flashlight to charge the watch, however, so that is definitely a good idea.

One concern that I have about it is the about of heat that would be directed on the watch. For example, if you leave the flashlight on high power and have it set down on a table or other object, the table will become extremely hot after about 5 minutes. Could this level of heat damage a watch?

It is a great idea, and the flashlight does fit perfectly in the watch face (for me, at least).