LC130 flashlight review

I buy this flashlight about 6 months ago.First I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages.In the first place, the most important thing is that it shines very well.The light also throws it in one direction and goes quite far.The battery lasts a lot.The materials are very good and have a considerable weight.The form is very comfortable to hold it.To load it you just have to remove the lid and it’s very simple.Now I will talk about the disadvantages.The first of the first thing to hold it comes with a ring at the beginning to put it to the flashligth, the bad thing was that it does not hold much I took it for that reason to hold it and it went flying as I gave it a turn as that was doubled but it fix by removing it and putting it without that ring.It scratches easily, when it fell you can see the stripes and holes.What holds the lid for when you go to load it breaks easily when you open it and close it often.It is very uncomfortable to turn on since the button is behind and not where you put your thumb.The light can not be changed in the same way as the coast flashlight can be pulled so you can point to one direction or all, this flashlight only points to one point, and as you study a lot and point to a specific place you can not watch.Also when you turn on the flashlight in medium mode you can hear a continuous sound. It is heard as chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.If you read it, thank you very much. If there is an error, they tell me to fix it since I am not very good in English.If you go to buy this flashligth I recommend it a lot, even with those disadvantages.


Nice review

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Thanks you :+1::+1::grinning:

Get some pics up :tongue:

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photos of what?

The flashlight :thinking:

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Pics pics!

It really makes a loud sound on medium setting? Thats no good!

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If the high mode is also not heard as much as the medium mode, it is not heard much but if you are completely silent you can hear it.

I’m sorry I wanted to put a photo but I still can not find the shape.

great review… photos would be good…

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Yes, how I can’t put photos?

Honest review.

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