Layover done right



Only thing I’d change would be - a bigger drink :tongue:


About 10hrs of Netflix coming up :joy:

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This is how it’s done!!

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All is charging properly.

And you are getting “charged” by that beer!
Perfect! :wink:


(I suppose its from one of your “secret little breweries”)


Ahhhhh… layover nirvana!

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@gAnkster we need an update!!

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Ha! No this one is from Colorado - “New Belgium” Brewery:

They are very large and popular across the whole country ,especially the “Fat Tire” Belgian white. They are based in Colroado, and I was in Denver at the time, so I was drinking the local favorite :slight_smile: :beers:

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This was their biggest - believe me I asked :laughing:


Lol and no doubt being in an airport it cost a small fortune.

Anker to the rescue!


Lol nice to have your own multi usb hub and beer :rofl:

Think we have to meet and talk about beer and do some serious “longtime” testings. :joy::joy::joy::beers:

Better than those chargers & powerbanks.
And we will write great understandable reviews. PROST!

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The next time he will show us his little private barrel instead of the multi hub.

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Not a bad choice to kill the time during layovers :upside_down_face:

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Not only layovers! :smile:

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Nice setup. I should have taken a picture of my 8 hour lay over. Only difference was all the tables were taken up so I found a quiet corner with a wall outlet and setup of my mobile office for an afternoon/evening of work and watching movies.

You may want to maybe write that review after your testing phase. Remember testing extensively.

I am always testing!
In wintertime I go for dark stuff.
Dark outside, darkness in the glass. :laughing: