Latest iPhone 8 / Pro Leaks

In case you haven’t been keeping up the news over the past couple weeks, Apple accidentally make a firmware for the HomePod public. The HomePod apparently runs iOS, and the version leaked was 11.0.2.

Developers dove deep into the code and found several features expected to make an appearance on the iPhone 8, or whatever Apple ends up calling it.

Here is a summary of the most important details we have learned from the leaked firmware.

-iPhone 8 ‘final design’

-Face ID will replace Touch ID, and work for Apple Pay, open to 3rd party apps

-Face ID will be able to scan your face while lying flat on a table

-Both the rear and front cameras will support 4K video recording at 60fps, meaning the front camera would make a jump to at least 12MP in resolution

-Resolution of 1125 x 2436, 521 ppi, even though Retina is 300

It’ll be interesting to hear Apple’s explanation on that one…

-Tap to wake will be supported

-Wireless charging is coming

-Smart camera will detect different scenes and automatically change settings

-Lots of augmented reality

What do you guys think? Are you more excited after these pieces of information, or were you more excited before?

Personally, I thought the bezels would be even thinner than what is represented above, and I still think that sensor cutout is UGLY.

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Using an existing open standard (to minimize cost), or (to cynically charge more) some Apple custom wireless charging?

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I think you‘re capable of making an educated guess… it’s Apple.
Ironic though because I don’t think of apples as being proprietary. Why aren’t they called something like Cupuacu?

I think Apple:

  • just changes something to make money.

and then to make money it contradicts itself

It does not innovate for the better, it just changes for changes sake, and instead doing a change at lowest cost, it does in a custom way to make it as expensive as possible.

For wireless charging, it could copy 2014 versions which are cheaper but I expect an “improved” version just to make money.

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will be interesting to see what the iPhone 8 is gonna bring to the table.

I just like when new things are released, regardless of what it is, it gives me something to be excited about.

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So the iphone 8 has a deliberately broken sub-standard choice to then “fix” in the iphone 9 for $2000 ?

Cynic dial to 11


Did you catch the certification required?

You mean a basic low-cost tech gets “Appletized” so it is no better but is sold at a higher price, then yes.

“Apple Charge” comes to mind as a name.

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I saw this…

really a bummer they OF COURSE decided to make it proprietary…and at half the standard? they better have some good ass reason for it or im gonna flip a table just for its damn ridiculoousness

and what @nigelhealy is suggesting is what i also imagined…

maybe apple thinks the average user for iphones dont really know much about wireless charging and deliberately waiting until next year to release a “FASTER, QUICK CHARGE CAPABLE WIRELESS CHARGING” will get them to sell it more next year

I think iPhone users are generally less knowledgeable about technology than people that own another variety of phones.