Latest eufy News

Eufy has recently began selling a UK version of their Smart Plug:

You can buy it now on Amazon for £29.91.

Keep in mind that eufy is not currently selling their regular sized smart plug in the US, but the Smart Plug Mini ($20.99, rated 4.3 :star:) remains available. We don’t know if eufy plans to offer another size to the UK market, but there are no current indications of that happening. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes in that respect.

Eufy has also recently started selling a 2 pack of their Smart Plug Mini.

This bundle is available for a price of $39.99 only on Amazon US.

Next up, eufy is now offering a white version of their RoboVac 11S.

Although stock is limited, the white color option is available to order now via Amazon US for the same price ($229.99). Note that reviews from the black model have not synced over yet.

Eufy is offering RoboVac R550C (virtually identical to RoboVac 11c Pet, which is available exclusively in Walmarts) to select markets outside of the US.

Finally, it appears as though eufy may be preparing to release a new BodySense Smart Body Scale soon, though exact details remain unclear. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more.

What do you think of eufy’s latest offerings? Nothing too major here, so I decided not to make a dedicated post for each one, but thought I’d share the news with all of you nonetheless!


Ooh, shiny I really like the white robovac.

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The updates look nice as it adds some great product offerings… just waiting for the magical day HomeKit is added :wink:

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Woho! Finally in the UK market!

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Good to see the UK products.

Now the last smart person leaving UK due to Brexit can switch off the lights AFTER they left :wink: