Largest powerbank

What is the largest portable power bank that Anker sells? And not the giant power house thing more in the portable range. I know aukey has a 30000mA power bank. Does Anker have one too?

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26800 is the largest Anker has. There are different types of 26800 powerbanks. Here is one of them


@rupinjohar is sort of correct, but Anker does a 120000 massive one for camping and stuff. Also a note, the reason it is only 26800, is because that is the maximum legal limit to carry on an airplane in the United States, according to the FAA.


Oh that makes sense why they made it that big thank you


Also I’m sure weight would be an issue, for it to remain a “portable” powerbank. The bigger n faster ones, are also the heavy ones, and not really pocket friendly… More backpack friendly.

Prob up to 13000 powerbanks are the largest pocket friendly ones… Still take.makes around 3½ charges of most smartphones or 2/3 tablets.

It’s also one.of the main reason phones don’t have such large battery’s… Weight n heat being part.of that… Who wants a phone that can only be carried in a bag.

I remember the gert big clunkers we had back in the day. The main reasons being ni-cad batteries, and needing large packs, plus the receivers n sender’s (not proper tech name) weren’t great and needed larger ones.

Even my very first cell phone in September 13/14 1993 (I was at an exhibition) was a good sized Ericsson… Text messaging was slow (it could take 10 mins for a fast response!) and each letter had to be multi-tapped (623 mad, Mac, MCD ).

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