Large batteries or multiple small batteries?

So I have: 3350mah, 5000mah, 10000mah, 13000mah, 26800mah batteries.

When thinking about the larger batteries, with the exception of a flash sale, I think I’d prefer multiple smaller batteries than a big battery, because:

  • I can recharge them faster. Each battery has its own input which above is 1A,2A,2A,2A,4A.
  • If one fails its not as bad. Failures can be the battery or I damage them.
  • Easier to charge in hotels where the power sockets sometimes are nowhere near the bed so I swap between them attached to my phone/tablet on my bed.

I noticing in forums there seems a love for the larger batteries.

Do you prefer smaller or larger batteries and if so why?

Personally I prefer larger ones! The main advantage being they last longer, but they also usually have more than one USB port unlike smaller portable chargers which usually only have one. (Large ones can also sometimes power your laptop!)

With a larger battery you generally (if you get the right one) get more ‘charge’ for your space. I have multiple smaller chargers that would take up loads of room if they were to match the capacity of my larger charger. I also think that you get more capacity for your money when buying a larger battery, it’s like buying a hard drive you’d be mad to buy 2 500GB Hard drives for the same computer as you could get a 1TB one saving around £50!

As to the hotel problem my solution is to just buy a cheap USB extender for around £3-£5 off amazon or somewhere similar. This means I get the reach needed to get from the plug to the bed and I can use it for multiple cables so I don’t have to buy lots of ‘extra long’ cables!

Yes they do take longer to charge, but overnight in a plug while you’re asleep and you’ll be good for the whole day tomorrow.

Overall I’d say it’s down to personal preference and whatever suits you best! Hope this helps!! :slight_smile:

I would always go for larger ones purely for simplicity and ease but it’s down to personal preference

I like the large ones for the capacity and only having to charge it once in a while but like you say the larger ones take much longer to charge so I do tend to carry a small one for that reason.

I only take the larger batteries on long journeys in case I need to charge multiple devices but the 1000mAh batteries last a while with my phone so I tend to prefer these being a lot more portable!

So OK if you compare say the Powercore 10000 vs the Powercore 26800.

Powercore 1000

  • 3.62 x 2.36 x 0.87 inches = 7.4 cubic inch
  • 6.4oz
  • 1345 mah/cuin
  • 1563 mah/oz
  • Total input = 2A
  • Output = 1 2A

Powercore 26800

  • 7.09 x 3.21 x 0.87 inches = 19.8 cuin
  • 17.6 oz
  • 1354 mah/cuin
  • 1523 mah/oz
  • Total input = 4A
  • Output = 3 6A total

So from a density perspective these are a small % difference but the Powercore 10000 if you had 3 of them would have 6A input and 6A output so it would in effect recharge faster, and then you can have one of the 3 them fail.

The bigger the better as far as I’m concerned, to a point. I’d take a 50,000 mAh one if it was available. Anything bigger than that would need to use different battery technology as it would be too heavy even for me with the current cells.

Why not 2 Powercore 26800? Recharge them from 4 2A = 8A inputs (of say the output of a Powerport 5) and you got 8A of recharge and 6 ports of combined 12A output.

This is where I need to decide if I value size over power. Personally, I don’t know if size bothers me that much so I would prefer larger batteries, but I’m not sure I would use it so well, which is a reason I would lean towards having small batteries, but I do not like recharging batteries after a while. I am fine with either.