Lag w/ Bluetooth Audio and Nebula Capsule

I’m getting audio lag with the following setup:

Netflix on iPhone
Airplay to Nebula
Nebula paired with Bluetooth headset

Everything is in sync if I route audio to the Nebulas onboard speaker. But anytime I try to listen using Bluetooth head/ear phones there is a significant lag and audio doesn’t lineup with the video.

Any suggestions?

If you search YouTube videos you will see this is a common problem with iPhones and Bluetooth headphones. Some have suggestions about a fix

Thanks for the input. However, that would make sense if the audio & video reaching the Nebula was already out of sync. It’s when trying to forward audio from the Nebula to a BT device that it gets out of sync.

Is the nebula the first source, or second source?

Are you sending to nebula, and nebula to BT?

If so, this would make a small problem bigger. Your BT to nebula is already out of sync, and then to send from nebula to BT sport, your magnifying the problem.

On some phones, you can change settings to sync better by changing the code/format of the signal.

Maybe if you used a cable to go from phone to nebula and BT the sound after, it MAY improve?

Nah, tried that. Didn’t make a difference. Oddly, the audio is ahead of the video. You would think that if the audio was making two jumps that it would be behind, but it isn’t.

What about using a cable from your handset for direct audio to a spkr, and BT the videos

Not sure if you can get a split cable for video n audio?

Something like this…
HDMI Cable, VGA and Audio Adapter, 3 in 1 Digital AV Adapter Converter HDMI & VGA & Audio Video Conversion Adapter

Any luck? Purchased mine a week ago. Tested it today and noticed the lag when using Bluetooth. Real let down