Lag From SoundsBud Sports IE20

I’ve some audio lag from my Soundbuds Sport IE20 very similar to bad BT connection but i have my smartphone on my hand.

I’m the only one with this problem?

I occasionally get the interrupts. Where a song pauses and then resumes

A possibility is to have your phone forget the Sport and then search for it again

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Hi @Natale_Giuliano_NGM1 , what version kind of phone are you using (if Android, what version)?

i’ve tried it with Xperia Z3Compact (aptX support) with Android 6, Xiaomi Mi5 (no aptX support) with Android 7, and Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 with Android 5.

And Anker have changed it one time but second one lagging too (little less from first one)

@Isaac_Schloss @ndalby Thanks for your kind reply. @Natale_Giuliano_NGM1 Sorry to hear you’ve got the audio lag from IE20. This is a flaw in Bluetooth technology, and this lag occurs randomly. Bluetooth technology itself will lead to about half a half-second delay, sometimes maybe 1 second, the best version is with about 0.3 seconds lag.

This issue is easy to detect when Watching movies, because the video and sound are not synchronized, which is with a half-second delay.

If you still have any doubt, we recommend you contact us via directly for help.:slight_smile:


Tanx for your answer @AnkerSupport i decetc lags while playing music… it seems like if i leave my smartphone at 10mt but i’ve it in my hand! So strange!

I can’t seem to get the headphones to sync. I have the phone forget the device and then pair it. Still sounds like a broken record.

i’ve changed device. i’ll put my headphone in charge and then test it again! :smiley: