Lack of Robovac Innovation

I fell in with my Robovac 11, now there are at least four Robovac 11 models each slightly different or improved. Robovac 12 was a disaster, hence why there’s only one model. Then Robovac 15 came out with at least two models of very similar design. ore recently, Robovac 30C and G30 which has 4-5 similar models types. Robobac 35 was a shame.

When you compare all these models they lack a significant amount of improved technology and functionality their competitors have been putting out for years now. The Robovac L70 hybrid is the only somewhat significant improvement, and the first from Eufy with Lidar. None have auto-empty bins, or mops that do nothing more than drag water across floors.

To me this is just disappointing as I once though of Eufy’s robovac line as innovative. Instead I feel Eufy is innovating with their other product lines (which is a great thing). I understand most of these incremental robovac sold very well, but I alway considered Eufy as a company built on innovation more so than trying to cash in. As it related to the Robovac I feel they failed in that respect.

Anyone feel similarly? Anyone think Eufy is working to on-up the competition soon? I sure hope so.


Hm, what would you call real innovation?
I was really thinking the same yesterday,
when “old Willy” was cleaning the bedrooms.

I know there are models from other companies around with automatically emptying bins.
But for my, a retired computer engineer, such innovations will increase cost and issues. :smile:
And is there really such a need?
Difficult to say,
I like our “old Willy” 11S more than 3 years old now, working perfectly.
No app, no map. :grinning:

Regarding those mopping models.
I am really wondering if the do really an effective cleaning job.
If you clean a kitchen you need some force on the mop to remove
dirt stains.
Without pressure it can not be done, so the Vac seems inefficient to me.
But I don’t have such a mopping model and can be wrong.

Great you started such a discussion, this might interest all other RoboVac users here.
Thank you!

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I am also thinking about buying a Robovac, but I am overwhelmed with the choice.
My current robot can only work for max. 10 min, then it goes directly out.

Can you change the batteries in the Robovac?

What model do you own, which company?
10 minutes is not acceptable.
Is there a possibility to swap the batteries.
If you buy an EUFY Robovac many replacement parts can be acquired here.

My “Old Willy” got a new middle brush a new battery and a new left side brush motor meanwhile.
Working perfectly now more than 3 years old.!
By the way I am not an employee from EUFY.
I am only a really satisfied user of such an 11S.


That’s not normal. Exchange it or get your money back

I agree 100%. I have a 15C, 30C (that I got as a replacement for a failed 15C) and the L70. The L70 is great and I saw the potential in it. The Lidar works great and cleans my whole upstairs every night. The innovation I was hoping to see was telling the vac to clean a specific room or area. So I can say hey Robovac clean my sons room or clean under the dinning room table. They have done the hard part with allowing you to do a zone clean but you have to use the app and create the zone every time. It doesn’t save zones for you. And also if you have a door closed the last time it did a clean it blocks the room from being able to do a zone clean. So I will have to create a small zone the includes the door way so the lidar will pick up that the room is available. It’s all software. The hardware is capable of this.

Software engineer here also. But with having a dog and 4yo boy running around these extra innovations that other robotic vacuum manufactures already have.

Oh the mopping isn’t a mop per se. It’s like a wet swiffer. You use the mop just to keep the area clean. It won’t make a messy area clean. It’s good for wood floors.

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Helps a little bit more to remove the dust.