L70 Hybrid - getting stuck on carpet!

I have been using L70 Hybrid for 2 months now. I am really impressed by the smart robot. Over the first 8 - 10 runs, she learned the apartment thoroughly. Now she isolates and cleans a room before proceeding to the next room. However, recently she encounters problem on carpet. It is not a very thick, plush carpet. It is a normal carpet in the living room. As soon as she is on the carpet, she detects that it is carpet and increases the suction, starts off cleaning from one side and as she reaches the center, she makes circles and keeps on moving forward and backward on the same spot for about 5 -6 minutes and then gives out the error message that she is suspended in air. I believe, this glitch started showing up after a firmware update 2 - 3 weeks ago; not sure though. In any case, at the beginning, there were no such issues. Could Eufy or Anker give an explanation on this? Also, can we expect an update with multiple map storage in the near future?

Hi @georgejosephthomas I would suggest dropping an email to support@eufylife.com for a faster response to your query on multi map and your recent issues with surface detection after the most recent firmware update.