L70 can't find its way home

My Eufy Robovac L70 Hybrid is the best robot vacuum I’ve had. I’ve spent days getting the No go zones in place and monitoring the cleaning times. Once it reset itself and I had to start all over. Yesterday, it got stuck somewhere and it was picked up and moved to its base when I wasn’t home. Ever since it can not find its base, even going in the opposite direction of its base and once even announced that it was lost. Am I going to have to reset and start again!???

Do a total reset and check if its working after.

That’s what I’m trying to avoid. I know resetting will fix it but it will also delete all of my settings.

You have to re-run the map and set the no go zones again.


It would be nice to be able to save a configuration that user know works.

I’m sure this wouldn’t be too difficult

I’m thinking this would require a permanent exact home base location within the home. Silicone carpet spikes for the bass would help if the base is going to be located on carpet and vinyl stickers or something along those lines non-permanent non-marking stickers for hard surfaces to perfectly keep the vacuum home base in alignment. As I’m writing this I’m thinking to myself that a series of smaller suction cups might be a better option for hard uneven surfaces with gaps that way you could make the suction cups and carpet spikes interchangeable.

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Of course the map could be stored and restored after a reset.
Easy, you said it!

I glad my “stupid” Willy doesn’t need such a map.
He likes to stroll around without any plan. :joy:

I caught Duchess playing with a balloon :balloon: yesterday :rofl: She almost popped it :boom:


Young ladies like to play! :joy:
Old Willy caught some spiders today.

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@Chiquinho @Ice1 nice fun :rofl: for duchess and Willy

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No news from Astroboy?
Is this the right name?
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You got it right… it is Astroboy!! He is well… doing his job, scheduled task these days :grin:

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Really do I?
I should have never published my real age. :rofl:
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I was teaching for about 45 years,
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Keep it up and keep inspiring us to be the same way.

And you can never be wrong with the Stereo paired Flares… and in my case Flare Mini … it is simply :ok_hand:

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