Kodi on Android 7.1 (Nebula) have limited access to network


I’ve installed Kodi from Aptoide, and it work fine as a local video player.

But when it tries to update itself and install extra language, skin, or addon it shows a notification of a network error.

I successfully install many of them manually by going here : http://mirrors.kodi.tv/addons and download the .zip and upload it manually to the Nebula.

I’ve noticed that I can read the URL of a video in HTTP

But I cannot access my local network for shared drive.

I think this is coming from android which restrict the access to the network to Kodi.

Is there a way to grant more permission to Kodi ?

Seems to be a problem with Kodi website from Kodi install on Android.

I manage to make it work by using the backup addon

First you have to install :


Then :


I did a backup with the same plugin of another Kodi install with all the plugins and pref.

I upload unzipped the backup to Android.

Then I restore the backup in Android’s Kodi

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