Kindle Oasis power drained and displaying exclamation point


When the Kindle Oasis looses all charge, it will display a exclamation point on the main screen. I have a PowerCore 10000 that is fully charged and am using the OEM cable. I noticed that when initially charging the Oasis, the yellow charging indicator disappeared after about 30 - 60 seconds. I left it plugged in overnight and in the morning, the yellow charging indicator was still out and I still had an exclamation point. I plugged my charger into my iPhone 6 Plus and verified it was charging and my PC10K power indicator lights are all blue and true.

I then plugged the Oasis charging cable into my laptop and the yellow charging indicator on the Oasis stayed on and then the screen appeared indicating it was taking a charge. I then took the Oasis off the laptop and plugged it back into the PC10K and it is currently charging with a solid yellow charge light.

Why didn’t the PC10K charge the Oasis initially and require me to plug it into a laptop USB connector (I am sure any other USB charger would have worked)? I have not reached out to Kindle yet as I wanted to know what the thoughts of the forum are. One of the reasons I have the Oasis is to put documents on it to use in the event of a long term power outage (as it will hold a charge and work for 30 days), but if the PC10K will not charge it from a total power drain, I only have a really small brick that does not meet my needs.




sounds like:

  • bad cable

The 10000 if the output is low - cause for example by a bad cable - then it turns itself off. This is because for the 10000 to keep its electronics operating to output drains energy and if little power is getting out you’d end up with both a flat 10000 and your device not charged either.

The laptop does not turn its output off ever so it keeps trickle charging through the bad cable.

Use a different cable.

Hint: is the cable warm in middle or near one of the ends of the cable? The heat will be higher where the cable has its fault.