Kickstarter Update: $1.5 Million!

Hi, Anker fans:

Have you had the chance to check out the incredible EverCam yet? It’s our smart, wire-free security camera with a 365-day battery life. To date, we’ve received Kickstarter pledges in excess of 1.5 million dollars, and they’re still coming in!

In fact, our pledge total exceeded $1 million within three days of EverCam’s Kickstarter campaign launch. That’s a record beating even our ZOLO Liberty+ and Nebula Capsule crowdfunding campaigns.

Can anyone guess how high our pledge total will be by the end of the campaign? If you’d like to join us and be part of Anker history, there’s room in our Kickstarter community for you! Head on over to see how EverCam is redefining home security—and making robbers shake in their boots!


That’s awesome… congrats to the Anker and Eufy teams!

That is pretty special. Well done to all involved.
If I had £200 spare I would definitely get involved but look
Forward to hearing from all the happy people when they ship.

Nicely done, and I would jump on this but I just spent all my money on a new phone. Can’t wait to hear how well it works though

That’s great! Just goes to show how much consumers believe in your products.

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Very happy to hear about this product

I can’t believe how quickly they raised the money.
It would be nice to see a AI door bell cam option like the ring cam.

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They did say they are making one, so it’s just a matter of time before we see it come to the market

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All of my electronics are going to be Anker soon at this rate :grinning: the Eufy blender looks pretty sweet.


Wow! That’s awesome Anker! Congrats!

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That’s awesome! Congrats to both Anker and Eufy Temas!

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Would love to be able to “check it out”, but unfortunately I’ve been of work for a few month now because of surgery and yesterday at my 12 week follow up I was informed due to how my body has healed even with 11 weeks of Physical therapy at three days a week I could now be off work for another 12 to 18 months.

I wanted to get back as soon as possible because the everycam looks amazing plus I had a few other anker items I wanted to buy, but guess not for now. :pensive:

Congrats on the amazing kickstarter campaign and I’ll be sure to keep watching updates on it and maybe by the time I go back to work I’ll be able to buy one Plus the other items I wanted to get.

Proper job.

I can’t have a well educated guess at the final total, as I don’t know when it’ll end, I’ll have a stab tho… 2.35m

If they’ve exceeded their original target, does that mean the special prices you get offered for investing have gone, and if so, what are the new fishhooks?

Congrats Anker & Eufy :grinning:

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