Kickstarter comments (eufycam)

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The last response was 16days ago on a 27 day old post, there’s questions unanswered, people waiting for your input

Theres also a lot of unanswered questions here where you have been tagged

When are you going to answer the questions people are asking & not just respond to the easy threads?


Ankerofficial in this forum do not run the kickstarter page nor do they have anything to do with it. Its run by a separate team and any info they have or get they have to reach out to that specific team. So their lack of response is most likely due to the main team not getting back to them with any answers or replies


As mentioned by @tank , the community team here is different from the community teams on other platforms (sometimes including region), so delays do and will occur while they liaise on queries asked…

You would be best trying a direct message on Kickstarter or an email if your query relates to a contribution…

Good to know but 20+ days people are waiting for a response

How about the lacking & selective responses here?

Sometimes patience is useful.

I can understand you, but as ndalby said there are always some delays which we could or should accept.


Go to Eufy website (or click the burger bars top right, and click Eufy)

Go to menu, and scroll to contact us
Scroll down and you can do LIVE CHAT.

Give that a try

Unfortunately only @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical can confirm that one but from what we can understand from past messages, it seems to be down to this community having a small admin team and so many things ongoing such as competitions, auctions etc…

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