Keyboard doesn't seem to charge

Hello I have an ANKER keyboard mdoel A7733K, that doesn’t seem to charge. In the past I charged on my laptop, but no w when I charge it the flash symbol doesn’t light up. Yesterday I thought I was charging it, but this morning it still did’t work. I did notice that the power light was flashing while “charging”.

Any help would be appreciated… I don’t I’ve this keyboard for two year yet, so I really hope it’s something fixable.
Thank you

Have you tried using a different cable to charge it to rule out the cable? 90 percent of charging issues is because of a faulty cable

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Also check to see if the charging port is cleaned out. If it has lint in it, than it won’t charge properly :wink:

Hi @cecalderon23,

Try to use a different cable as you suggested by other members. If it still doesn’t work, the keyboard may be really broken.:cry: