Karapax Silk iPhone X case review

So we got our new iPhoneX and our Karapax Silk iPhone X case, the soft silicone case.

First thing is that Yes this case will protect your phone, and it will not slip out of your hand.
The inside is made of a sued like finish that will definitely protect the all glass phone from scratches. The case is also easy to install and remove.

The down side to that nice sticky case is that everything sticks to it. Dust, lint, dog hair and people hair all seem to gravitate towards the case and jump on for the ride. Iā€™m not sure there is much of a fix for that. If you want a case that will provide a firm grip then I guess the sacrifice is having stuff cling to it.

The packaging is great and the case is well made.


Thanks for the informative review with great pics as well! :thumbsup:

Maybe something like Armor All, applied & then wiped off thoroughly would help to alleviate some of the tackiness of the case? Maybe try a tiny spot on the edge at first, then roll the case in some floor dust and see if it helps?