Karapax Silk case review! Buy this case, for real

First off, something I had never thought of for reviewing a case, it’s hard to get a picture with the phone in the case when the phone is what you’re taking the pictures with! So for this review the only pictures will be the case on it’s own. First off right out of the shipping envelope, wow! The packaging is premium, like something you’d go into the Apple store and see as the main event or something, definitely not what you would expect for a inexpensive case from Amazon. The case has a really nice soft/grippy feel to it. Not enough that it pulls your pocket inside out, but enough that you could put it on the center console of your car and it would stay, which I appreciate. The inside of the case is microfiber which will help to keep your phone scratch free if any debris get into the case it’s self. A microfiber cleaning cloth is also included in the packaging! I am too big of a wimp to do drop testing with a phone I paid good money for, but it seems that it will do a good job protecting my phone. I would pay full price again without hesitation!


I got the same case a you but I gave it to my sister since she had a floppy type case that would always fall off I guess she really liked it cuz she way showing off it to my other sister so now both my mom and other sister wants one

It’s pink, but I want to use it myself a little before I pass it off to my girlfriend:joy: I’m quite literally colorblind so it doesn’t bother me:grin:

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A case is a case as long as it protects your phone I am good

Good review man, do you know that you can upload several picture in your original post? That way you don’t have to comment to upload them :slight_smile:

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There’s a trick to that… have your camera on your phone ready to take the picture. Then take the pic really fast… oops, you missed the shot. Try again. :stuck_out_tongue: Or you could always just do what a lot of teens are doing… selfie shots using the mirror. LOL… All kidding aside, it would be hard to do. Good looking case. :slight_smile:

As @Antoine_Turpin has mentioned, keeping your photos in your original post makes it easier. Addition of a gallery function would be ideal though :smile:

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Nothing wrong with pink, heck I wear pink dress shirts ocassionally. My son makes fun of me but I could care less. I’m comfortable wearing whatever so it doesn’t bother me. Having a pink phone case is similar, wouldn’t bother me

Your girlfriend may jealous of you…:joy:

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What do you have against pink? :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW, look at my outfit today :slight_smile:

Well that certainly is…colourful :astonished: :smiley:

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Yes I did, but it was after I already hit post unfortunately! Thank you for the info though, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Your little character profile picture looks exactly like you!

Hehe yes, Bitmoji works pretty well with my face :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is there a person raising their hand in the background? :joy: