Karapax Rise review

I recently won the Karapax case from the slogan competition. I didn’t think I would win one but I did and for that I thank Anker for the competition. I received mine just last week and while I personally do not own an iPhone, my son does as well as most of my coworkers. This one is going to my coworker since I would have to upgrade my son’s phone and currently do not have the funds to do so.
On to the review…
The case comes nicely packaged, it was in a ziplock bag in addition to it’s retail packaging. Nice black with gold lettering that is very pleasing to the eye and easy to read. One glue strip on the bottom that allows the packaging to be opened up from the bottom, similar to how a medal would be presented. The case is centered around a cardboard iPhone which you can visibly see as the lid is clear and see through.

The case itself is a black carbon fiber weave with red accents. At the base of the case is a metal tab, this acts as a kickstand and also a spot to clip the included carabiner. This metal tab also swivels so you can support the phone in different orientations.
The case also includes raised edges to help guard the camera as well as the screen when placed face down.
Along the sides of the case you will find raised tactile buttons that are precisely where they need to be.
The case slips right onto the phone with just the right account of squeeze to not slip or fall off, but just enough give that you can pop it on or off if needed.
The inside of the case is soft silicone like while the back is the black carbon fiber finish which is more rigid and adds to the shock absorbing factor of the case. The bottom left and right corner of the case has added material to absorb shock…I do wish that this was on all sides.
I did test the shock of the case by dropping my coworkers phone from waist height, no damage just slightly scuff on the case. So it does it’s job, yes I know I shouldn’t have but I did and my coworker was ok with it.

Take aways: solid textured feel, will not slip in hand, tactile buttons, swivel clip/kickstand, raised edges, shock absorbing bumpers, soft center/hard backing with shock absorbing raised sections.

Dislikes: bumper guards only on bottom left and right of case, raised shock bumpers add a bit of bulk to a slim phone, metal swivel can get cold/hot depending on temperature and may cause discomfort when handled
I did not test or try out the tempered screen protector as my coworker already had one on her phone.

Overall great case and I wish I had one for my Motorola phone.


I do apologise as I wrote this on my phone and it’s really hard to format and space everything when you can’t see it all as you type

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Forgot to mention that the screen protector is a 2 pack and it comes with all the stuff needed to clean and prep the screen twice

Awesome, thanks for sharing your review! I’m sure your co-worker appreciated the gift!

Not so much as me dropping her phone, she did agree but still cringed when I did it. Our other coworker told her he’d buy her a new phone if it broke, which eased her mind a little. And knowing him I wouldn’t doubt he would as he put 6 months of airtime on my phone for no reason one time simply because he said he would.

It looks pretty bulky… Don’t really like the look of it.

If somebody drop my phone, I will be angry haha :laughing:

It’s not bulky at all, well it all depends on how you define bulky. To me it’s the right amount of bulk

good review!!! :slight_smile:

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I just realized I didn’t post the pics with the phone in the case. Oops sorry about that


Where is the slightly scuff on the case?

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It’s hard to see in pictures, and unless u looked for it you wouldn’t notice. But it’s on the bottom

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After using it a few days my coworker told me to add her pluses and dislike.

What she likes: the raised ridges on the back help with finger placement so it’s easy to hold, the carbon textured back doesn’t slip even when your hands our wet, the included carabiner and the swivel kick stand is great for being able to clip your phone to your wasteband or a backpack. It’s solid and not gummy like other cases so it doesn’t stick to your pocket when trying to remove it nor does it collect dust and other particles like regular silicone cases do.
The only dislike she has is that the camera bump that protects the camera lens, it shows up in her pictures if ever so slightly.

Thank you for your friends honest feedback, I think we can consider to improve this in the future.:grin: