KARAPAX REVIEWS! please post karapax reviews on this thread

im working on a review. excited to see everyone’s and compare

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You can post your review first here! I’m looking forward to it!:grin:


Not heard anything about reviewing for anker for a few months now hopefully soon

but you can always write a (good :slight_smile: ) review on amazon or this site

or start a blog if you plan on reviewing more often

Wouldn’t it have been easier to hold on creating the thread until you actually had your review written? :confused:

Same here, only in the past day or so have I been offered a review product but apparently they are working on revamping the ‘power user’ section and how you claim, so we shall see :smile:

As for Karapax, won two in the last giveaway, a case and screen protector(s), which have only been in place a few days, so testing is ongoing but lookin’ good so far…

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my power user page updates got some earphones to test its a little strange @ndalby (hope it was ok to tag you) it stays on usa and not uk but it still let me claim it maybe this it is starting to change i just cant put my review on amazon though but im sure i can post everywhere else

Weird and certainly different from what I got. Mine stays on UK (but always has) but I could see nadda under my panel until I fill in the invite yesterday (Google Forms like prize claims) and now today it’s showing as a claimed ‘free’ item. Perhaps they are currently transitioning the process :confused:?

Suggestions @AnkerOfficial ?

I didnt get no form to fill out very strange i have tried on diffrent devices but just stays the usa

i got some earphones to review looking forward to reviewing them

Cool, the updated ‘Slims’ :smile:, I’m down for the ‘Curve’, which should be interesting for testing :grin:

Just had a look at my PU panel and it shows USA as well, pretty certain that’s a first for mine.

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Wow what a review

i am trying but it is a little hectic. I’m going to NY but ill be back in a week to write the review

My KARAPAX Breeze review. *****
I recently got my first Karapax case and I can definitely say I’m really happy i got it. I got it and replaced an old case from an old rip off brand.

Texture: The texture of this case is very “grippy” due to a “grid” on the back. From the moment it was opened, I felt like this is serious case and it will serve me great. And I sure I was right.
Grip: The grip feels very tight in your hand and makes you feel like you cant drop it. Honestly, it makes you feel like the phone is so strong that you feel like it was nothing before the case was there.
Look: I think it looks like a really good heavy duty case. It also doesn’t look look like one of those huge and fat cases, but it looks very nice. It is very thin and looks very good.
Protection: I’m not sure if I can describe the protection, but I can say that it just makes you feel like your phone is sooooo secure in your hands
Customer Service: If I could give 10 stars on this i would! The customer service is so great! I got this with screen protectors also, and it was missing a piece. I emailed them and about a week later I had another one in the mail! If you have a problem with any product, you should email support@anker.com. That’s want I did and they were very helpful.

I think this case has a great price and is much much better than anything else you can get (in any price range!) This definitely deserves 5 stars

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Thanks for your feedback! Any good pictures can share with us?:grin:

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What are your thoughts on the SoundBuds Flow?

yes i will try to post pics but i may not get around to it tonight

also, im really sorry for the delay. I usually try to get it done earlier, but there was so much happening. i will try to do it faster in the future

Hi my friend, I think rosa has contacted you for your problems, have you problems be solved?