Karapax GlassGuard Tempered Glass

Well I received my iPhone X today and I must admit these were the easiest screen protectors I have ever fitted. The fitting template works a dream and it was literally completed in 2 minutes Max. Looks like it’s been fitted by a professional.

I got these so that I was prepared for when I get the new iPhone X so it was protected from day one.

Opening the packaging and seeing the black and gold box these come in looks like these would be a very expensive product. Upon opening the box my first impressions were that the protectors themselves were very well protected from transit damage.

They were in a soft bag and then placed in what reminded me of one of the iPhone bumpers that you used to be able to buy, which is the fitting template.

Also in the box is 2 sets of screen cleaning/preparation wipes etc for the installation of the protectors along with detailed instructions on how to do this.

All backed up with Ankers usual 18 month warranty. Excellent as always.


Nice, love seeing pictures and the final outcome. Let us know if you have any issues that develop after using it for a while

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The iphone X is beautiful :slight_smile:
and I like the glass and installation package
Good job on the review!

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Awesome, thanks for the pictures, @Graham1983!

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First off, I’m super jelly you got a iPhone X. But congrats :slight_smile: As I recall, Anker’s GlassGuard screen protector was a breeze to put on my iPhone 6s. They provided everything you would need for an easy install. Gotta love Anker for making it simple. The Karapax GlassGuard looks pretty sweet on your iPhone X. Also awesome that they included 2. :slight_smile: Enjoy your iPhone X :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this! I’ll be doing exactly the same thing this coming Friday.

How did you go about making sure there was no dust on the screen? That’s been my downfall once or twice out of the dozens of protectors I’ve applied.:pensive:

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I use to work for At&T the method we used was to use tape and pull off the screen and apply a few times making sure to get everything before putting the screen on

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I just done it as soon as I took the shrink wrap off the phone. But the kit comes with wipes and stickers to remove any dust etc.

That’s what I usually do. Alcohol wipe, tape, screen protector. Almost always works flawlessly but I’m disappointed when I don’t get it perfect.

Absolutely nailed the one on my parents new iPad Pro, couldn’t even tell I’d applied it!

Got one ready and waiting to be applied. Got them in an offer/discount here so only ended up paying around £3 for them.

Exactly what I was going to suggest. I’ve found that to be the best way. I hate those darn lints!

It’s even worse when you try to use that cloth, it’s suppose to be lint free but it still leaves behind dust specks

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Looks stunning. Congratulations on a lovely choice of phone and protection.
Think I’ll get a new case and protector for my 7 Plus. It will at least feel like I’ve had a new phone and should get me through to upgrade time

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@AnkerOfficial can you tell me when the Karapax Breeze iPhone 7 Plus is coming to the UK, please? I can’t find it on Amazon. I can only find the Touch case :frowning2: