Karapax case that allows you to dock the phone

I don’t know if Karapax is dead already but, I did always ask my self with not more companies did cases that allow you to use docking stations. Most of the time the are useless since you need to remove you case but a great case with card space (wallet) and access to a docking station will be cool. I know that with wireless charging this is kind of dead but well new suggestions never hurt. @AnkerOfficial

  • I will use a dock station if I did not need to remove my case (speaker or charger)
  • I don’t dock my phone, docking is dead, long live wireless charging

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I’d rather have Wireless Charging lol

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I know, I fell my comment got here years later than it should :joy: I have so many docking speakers that I bought long ago and since I got Bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers nobody at home use them.

It was cool when they first came out though :+1:

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I’ve noticed that many docking stations now have a Lightning connector that protrudes more from the base, allowing the iPhone to be used with a case on it.

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Yes, the actually some can adjust the height of the lightning port.