K1280c BT Keyboard Connection Issues

I have a K1280c which is old on the scale of things, but has worked well until today.

I have had it paired to my laptop (HP 840G1, W10 Pro) and yesterday paired it to another identical machine. Had some issues with code generation but finally worked through that. KBD worked fine. Disconnected the device from PC 2 (deleted connection in Win 10).

Re-paired it (twice now) to the original PC and indicates it’s paired but but not connected.
the power LED is flashing a slow blue (not the fast blue) and the KBD will not type (other than to enter a pairing code). Changed batteries. Power cycled. Not sure what else to do.

Unable to find a manual to ascertain led meanings. Any way to clear\reset, etc.

Are there any KBD shortcuts to any functions. Ideally would like to lengthen the time till it goes to sleep, which I think is about 30-45 seconds.

I think I found the manual
Hope this helps :+1:

Hi, I have the k1280 and Im struggling to find a manual, the manual you have posted seems to be for the k1280c. Although it seems to be a bit confused because it has images of the k1280 but k1280c charges from usb, and this manual talks about charging the battery. Difference being the k1280 runs on AAA batterys and the k1280c it would seem, runs from an internal battery charged from usb.

I am having trouble connected my k1280 to my Mac, it says connected then looks as if the batteries are dead and disconnects but the keyboard is still on. Quite frustrating. It works fine on my windows laptop.

I have tried resetting the bluetooth module on the Mac and am considering an os update. It says something about needing a restart if the keyboard was connected in the first instance on low battery so I have also tried this to no avail.

Is there anything I may have missed?