#JustLikeNew PowerCore 10000 Review

Link to the Anker Refurbished Products Page: Click Here!

The first used product I ever bought was an Apple TV 3rd generation streaming box. I bought it on eBay for $40, less than half of the retail price of $99 at the time. When I got the device I was pleased with the quality of the device and I used that streaming box for two years. The second time I bought a used product was when I bought a Dell USB-C adapter from someone on eBay. Unfortunately, this second experience wasn’t as pleasant as the first. The item was dead on arrival and never worked. I was able to get my money back because of the PayPal agreement in place, but not all people are so fortunate.

There is a level of risk when you buy a used item. What if it doesn’t work? What if I’m not happy with my decision after the fact? No amount of savings can absolve you of the guilt you face when you get a defective item, and you have to hope the one you bought it from is reliable and good on delivering a solid product.

Thankfully, the risks and fears of buying a good product are made easier by the reputation and stellar customer support of a company like Anker. They have been satisfying customers for years now with their premium charging cables, power banks and bluetooth speakers. One thing they have begun doing recently is refurbishing and selling pre-owned products at a discount. Naturally, items get returned, for various reasons. Anker, being very liberal and gracious in their return and exchange program receive a lot of items with no defect whatsoever. Because of this they are able to sell perfectly functional products at a large discount because of the open box.

I was fortunate to receive one of these items at no expense to inspect and review it’s quality for a pre-owned product. I received the PowerCore 10000, a lightweight and portable power bank with a high capacity of 10,000mAh. The PowerCore I received had little to no visible wear at all, in PRISTINE condition. When I opened the original box it was shipped in I found all of the original packaging (which had zero defects; it was not dirty or damaged at all) and a 50% charge. I was able to charge my phone and my pair of bluetooth headphones which were both at zero battery with the 50% charge. When I put the PowerCore on to charge I went from zero to full in a matter of less than 2 hours. Everything that I have seen thus far indicates to me that there has been no degradation in the quality of this product either physically or functionally. I expect this to be a worthy addition to my charging needs in a manner better than risky used product that could be found elsewhere.

Additionally, if you buy the PowerCore 10000 pre-owned you stand to save nearly 50% off of the retail price! This power bank is listed at $15.99 on Anker’s website, down from $29.99 brand new. Sounds like a no-brainer to me and well worth checking out!


Wow, the casing looks brand new! Thanks for posting your review!


I was honestly surprised at how flawless it was. I was expecting a few scratches, NOPE.


Thanks for posting your review, the refurbished items do look A+ grade…


Excellent review! Thanks so much for sharing.

I also bought a used Apple TV 3 on eBay :laughing: … but I was disappointed by the lack of features, so I had to upgrade to 4th gen shortly afterwards.

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Ouch,what features were missing from the 3?

What it really came down to was the lack of an App Store. Not only that but all of the preinstalled applications were starting to look really outdated.

Gotcha, I’m still rocking my chrome cast from 2013 it’s still going strong but it’s time for an upgrade I want to stream that Netflix in 4K;)


Oh yeah, we have several Chromecasts throughout the house, but it’s also nice to have something like an Apple TV / Roku / Fire TV for certain things.

You really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to stream with they all have their own strengths. I also have a fire TV but use the chrome cast most of the time.

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Yeah I had the apple TV between 5 and 3 years ago. We’ve upgraded since then. Lol.

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I was a beta tester for the original apple, after that I never used it again as Roku brought me in to beta test their products and I couldnt do both, conflict of interest. Roku proved better for everything I needed so I went that route. I uavnt used it in awhile but I have about 4 or 5 of them, 2 have all access :wink:


Product looks flawless. Great job :ok_hand:


The 4th gen is certainly leaps and bounds better than the 3rd gen…

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We will not sell products that have scratches for customers!:smile:
I really want to know whether the packaging looks dirty or damage?:thinking:


Curious if this only available to US customers?

Our refurbished products will also available on the UK Amazon.

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Great quality. Now I have to decide if I should get a refurbished one instead of a new one.

I will make an amendment to the review to add that in there. Thank you for suggesting that.

TLDR: The packaging was flawless, and I assume it was the original packaging. Not dirty and not damaged in any way. :slight_smile:

Excellent review. Thank you for this. This will surely help a lot of people save money and get what they want/need. I generally wouldn’t buy refurbished electronic items without some hesitation. But with Apple and Anker, I would do so in a heartbeat due to the stellar reputation.