Just want to say love Bluetooth headphones I got

For free Bluetooth headphones from here just want say there all time favorite thank you so much

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Glad to know you like them! I love all of my anker Products! I have the Soudncore spirit X earbuds. What pair do you have?

Kind of confused by this post not gonna lie but glad you’re happy with Anker

I beleive this person won a free pair of earbuds in a drawing. They are thanking anker, and expressing how much they love their earbuds :grin:

I don’t recognize them from any of the past winners though maybe I’m wrong

They joined the community April fifth and since then there was only one headphone drawing and it was @derobi that won those I believe so I’m just confused that’s all

It wasn’t necessarily a community drawing… they do them all the time on anker.com… there is one right now…

Sometimes anker gives away earphones without advertising on this community.
I have received a pair of Soundcore Curve that way…

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On true forgot about all of the other give away Anker has been doing. Regardless happy they are enjoying them

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Anker is a very friendly brand, giving away lot of products, at times, it is not only about the marketing but also the good-will they earn!

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love Bluetooth headphones, love even more free stuff… unless is a free bag full of snakes I won’t take that :joy:

Really don’t know how got them entire alot these thing that DS basically send out random free stuff they just happen be in there so I was over moon because my bf always go on about how awesome this company is I never hear of them till got my headphones so had let them no how awesome they where … there my baby I don’t let anyone us them LMAO :joy: now trying to do there testing program to give review and feedback :grin: thank y’all so much really