Just purchased a new pair of earbuds, here's my review (Soundcore life note)

So recently I purchased a pair of Soundcore Life Note, in general I’d rate these a solid 4 out of 5 stars,
list of pro’s
1:great quality sound
2:reasonably priced
3:plently of replaceable ear plugs for size customization
4:decent battery life
5:great sounding microphone.
However I do have some cons to report but not too many

1:build quality of the case feels a bit cheap
2:in my experience they sometimes randomly disconnect
3:the case is a bit large

the cons are however barely noticeable, so in general I’d rate this a great product.
I’m not to great at writing reviews, but I hope this helps.

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You can always create a thread over at the Soundcore community site as well.

Throw in a few pics and few more comments as well.

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Good and straightforward review :+1:

Nice review…TY