Just Gifted Soundore Liberty Lites to Co-worker

Over the past 5-6 years as an active consumer of Anker and sister products. I have gifted many Powerbanks and Cables to friends and family.

Today I gifted an extra pair of Soundcore Liberty Lites to a coworker who saw me wearing Liberty Neos.

We stopped and talked for a bit and he was about to pull the trigger on a $150 pair. I felt the record scratch and the red sea part. This was my opportunity to help!

He was already familiar with the Anker suite of product, but didn’t know about the soundcore brand or music related products, only cables and banks.

He offered to pay, but this was a small price to pay to continue to spread the good word :joy: I think I did my good deed for the day!

What kinds of products have you given to friends, families and coworkers?


Awesome! I considered getting someone the liberty air, but I found out they already have a decent pair of earbuds.

I gave another friends a PowerPort 5.

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that’s a great way to shower kindness and a good deed :slight_smile:

Xmas came a bit quick for your coworker :gift:


I give always items to family members and friends.
Think this helps a lot to get ANKER more known and recognized.

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That’s a very nice gift! Did you get the pink airs for your sister? :joy:

Yeah I’m hoping I beat him to the punch and I’ll get a nice gift in return or promotion :joy:

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Before I left work to have my knee surgery I gufted a pair of the Soundbuds Surge to a coworker who needed a pair for when hes at the gym. He knew I had a bunch and always asked me why i liked certain one over others, he finally told me he was gonna buy them and I knew since I got my replacement I never used them, so I gave them to him. I havnt been back to work since, going on over 2 months now so I dont know how he likes them.


Gifted a Powercore 10000 when I upgraded to a 20000.
I didn’t need both and the recipient, a person who was always looking for somewhere to charge their phone, was well pleased.

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Please let us know what he thinks!

How are you feeling? Recovering nicely?

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Yes I will let everyone know how he likes them.

I’m recovering faster than anticipated, thankfully. I cannot wait to get back to work, although I will take it a lot easier when I do go back. Hopefully less than 2 more weeks and I’ll be good to return to work


I have gifted Dashcam C1, Roav Viva, Soundbuds Lite, Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb, PowerPort charger to my family and lot of microUSB cables , Spirit X headset, Karpax phone covers to friends

and I really wish you best of luck for your promotion :+1:


Nah, she’s the “Friend” I mentioned above hahah.

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What will you do when retired?
No more work.
Home sweet home only.

I know there is much time left for you, but there are many things in our life has to be planned.

I would go crazy, but hopefully at that point I have grandbabies to care for and that keep me on my toes

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But remember the elder you get the more you calm down.

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Top deed :ok_hand:t2: @Quinn_Armstrong

Top creds @Quinn_Armstrong

Im not usually in the position to freely give expensive gifts… However, I have given away a couple Anker leads, the car charger and a couple sets of headphones to my step-daughter (not that she showed any reall appreciation, so won’t get anything else).

I sold a couple other bits at a very reduced rate (like not even 20% of usual cost)… They are friends who “could” afford to buy new, but I told them… I’ve used these and tested them, and they’ll have no warranty, but you can have for ******* , they were well pleased, and even came back and said… WOW better than I thought.

When income is X and out going is XY, something has to give, so to get a little extra, pays for jeans or trainers, stuff not normally afforded or takes away from other stuff.

Fair play to anyone that can litterally give away, and in the past I have, my god I’ve earned my wings giving away stuff n time over the years! :innocent: hahahaha

That was mighty nice of you!

Just wanted to update on my Co-Worker

He loved the Liberty Lites so much he gifted his boss a new pair of Liberty 2’s to his boss for the Holidays. How come my team wasn’t so generous? :joy:

After a week of wearing them, his boss mentioned to him how much he loved them and how easy it was to use (think old school guy, not much into tech, still has galaxy S5)

They chatted about Anker, Soundcore and the like and even gave me credit! So the word is spreading in my office :wink:


Such is the best advertising we can do.
MUCH better than those by social media, as its real and not faked.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all here!

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Happy New Year to you, Franz!

Much :heart: in 2020!