Just curious if this is normal (sound buds surge)

Is it normal that if i charge my wireless earbuds to full they die in 3-4 days after if i dont use them? I was curious because they are never ready when i need them i wanna know if this should be my amazon review with disappointment or its a defect with my unit

No this is not normal. If they are not used and are shutoff they should retain charge for long time. Send an email to support and if within return period get it exchanged from amazon. Outside that period Anker support can help.

@troywhitney5 As mentioned by @kumar.sachin the earbuds should be able to retain charge outside of use, my Spirit and Slim models often can go 2-3 weeks in standby mode with occasional use and still not require a recharge. Are you sure the earbuds are getting a full charge from a suitable power source, such as computer USB port or wall charger and/or have you tried an alternate cable to rule out a cable fault giving a full charge?

If so, drop a email to support@anker.com with your issue, troubleshooting steps taken and purchase date for assistance or replacement is faulty under your warranty…

I can confirm the charging cable is more than adequate i’m using an Anker Micro B cables that charge my phone and powerbank and has worked flawlessly since i got them that’s why i went with these wireless headphones and i got them a month ago exactly… I’m not sure if i wanna deal with sending them back i might just get a new pair I’m in love with the sound quality

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do you know if i pay shipping dealing with Anker support?

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@troywhitney5 Normally shipping is covered by Anker (depending on location)…you mentioned PowerBank, is that what you are trying to charge the earbuds with? If so, try with a wall charger as some powerbanks have issues with charging low power draw devices, unless they have trickle charge capabilities. So you could be attempting to charge but are not getting a full charge as the powerbank terminate the charge due to the low current pull…

I haven’t attempted using the power bank however the earbuds do last 2 hours after the charge so i’m 100% certain they are charging… i just wanted to ask to make sure the electronics didn’t just have a high idle draw or if the battery was flawed and had a high internal drain rate and thanks for all the help

That shouldn’t happen really with most electronics if they’re completely off. I hope your issue gets resolved.

Regardless if the cable has worked fine, as a standard of testing it is required to try a new cable to rule out that as being an issue of why they only last so long

Ok i tried 3 more cables and as each of them show the same result of a steady blue light indicating Full charge(idk why the new cables would have changed this) and they do die withing 8 hours of charge without having to be turned on

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if you need more specifically it takes 4 hours of a red light (charging) to the solid blue light the power brick gives max of 1A charge rate i tried using my desktops usb which is limited to 500mah same result… different cords for all tests its still saying its fully charged… It just dies within a day if i use it or not

Gonna chime in here and say this isn’t normal. I leave various Anker products lying around for longer than 3-4 days and they retain their charge. Anker has always either covered shipping or not asked to have product shipped back when I have had to return products, which does not happen often, but happens sometimes.

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