Just a thought

Have you ever thought of working with another company?


Say with a …
upstarting cell phone.company
Toy company needing rechargeable batteries
An e-bike (I e seen some saying.powered by Bosch)

For a couple of examples?

What do you think?

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They already are working with several company’s.

I spent a lot of time working at a Cadillac dealership and now work at Mercedes dealership… I think the automotive manufacturing industry can definitely use Anker’s R&D department with creating USB and AC power ports inside cars… the ports that I see inside these cars are not the greatest… At Cadillac/GMC, I would replace 1-2 USB receptacle ports every week… Here at Mercedes, the Germans decided to use a different size AC power port that does not fit a lot of USA adapters and amperage, Also, the placement of the AC ports in their cars are really not that practical…

It’s often not that easy working with another company because you no longer are the only one making the choices. And that can mean the final product is something you never would have designed yourself.

A good example was when apple started using TomTom maps in their navigation. TomTom’s maps are quite good but when apple gave their own twist to them, they caused a large buzz on internet. A far from positive buzz.
Surely the whole experience made TomTom some money, but it was far from good advertising.

Working with other companies is not easy and It often requires a long negotiation time.
Like Roav audible project, we spend a half year working on the cooperation. :sunglasses:


It was a Google maps upgrade, not tom tom that got some many iPhones lost

Sorry but you are wrong.

[quote]Apple launched the maps service in September after dumping Google’s maps in the latest version of its iPhone and iPad software.

Instead, it decided to create its own, using partners such as TomTom for data[/quote]

But I didn’t say TomTom maps made people lost. TomTom maps are good. It was Apple’s bad programmiing that made people lost. That was my point; good products get a bad name when partning with the wrong partners.

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I was talking about a couple years ago, I didn’t realise they did it again!

Collaboration at a less integrated level is possible as well. Lots of products could be improved by the inclusion of quality cables. eGPU’s with thunderbolt for example. There in every unboxing video and social media post is an Anker accessory cable and pouch. Perhaps various device manufacturers could include certificates in their boxes good for redemption of “choose your own cable bundles” described in this forum previously.