Junk products

I have the soundcard liberty 2 that is a little more than 1 year old and the charging pod stopped working so I upgraded to the liberty 2 pro the weekend before Christmas now the left era stopped charging after 24 hours in the pod it turns on and you hear the jingle but no battery status!! This product is junk and the next time I think of buying any soundcard product I will just take a couple of hundred dollars and set it on fire!!!


There is a specific Soundcore community, there’s more eyes from official support there on Soundcore.


A very common fix is to reset the buds, if not yet tried, if you don’t know how then go over to the above link and search.


@bob105 sorry to hear of your situation, as you are still within your warranty period for both sets of earbuds have you tried reaching out to service@soundcore.com with your issues and concerns?

Probably will have a more fruitful outcome over a venting session.